Strategic plan refresh 2019

Information about the refresh of the University's Strategic Plan being carried out in 2019.

We are writing a new Strategic Plan for the University of Edinburgh - you can help!

Since the publication of Delivering Impact for Society, our Strategic Plan 2016, we have seen substantial change in our environment, progress in a number of the development themes as well as sustained challenges in addressing issues such as student experience and the perception of marketisation of higher education. Key developments include the threats of Brexit and potential changes to Higher Education funding, success in securing the Edinburgh Region City Deal with a key leadership role around Data Driven Innovation and continuing evolution in the expectations and needs of our diverse student and staff population.   

We began thinking of this process as a refresh, but these changes suggest we need to consider this as a new plan. 

For a short summary of the values, strategic priorities and aspirations of the new draft plan, you can watch this video:


You can also view:

Our initial thoughts on the plan priorities 

Strategic Priorities January 2019


The presentation from the Townhalls hosted by our Principal, Peter Mathieson, hosted Townhall meetings to showcase our early thinking and gather feedback and comments from our staff and students.  

Strategic Plan Townhall presentation January 2019


We encourage you to send us your thoughts on the plan: you can get in touch at with your views and with any questions about the process.

For more information on the development of the plan, current drafts, and opportunities to join the conversation, please see our Strategic Plan wiki