University Resolutions

Information on the current and draft Resolutions of the University of Edinburgh.

The Universities (Scotland) Act 1966 enables the University Court to exercise by Resolution a wide range of powers, including the institution of new degrees and degree regulations, the foundation of Chairs, and the prescription of disciplinary procedures.

Resolutions of the University

The University (Scotland) Act 1966 sets out the procedure by which the University Court has powers to make new Resolutions or amend existing Resolutions.

Draft Resolutions are usually first considered by Court although there are streamlined procedures for the founding of Chairs and the alteration of the title of Chairs.

Thereafter the comments and observations of the Senatus Academicus, the General Council and any other body or person having an interest or concern are sought throughout a period of one month.

The months of August and September are not counted when computing the period of one month.

Notices are publicly displayed and copies of draft Resolutions are available by contacting the Court Services Office at

Notices and Draft Resolutions

After the expiry of one month the University Court, taking account of any observations or comments received, approves the final Resolution.