Terms of Reference

The approved terms of reference of the Staff Experience Committee.

1. Purpose

1.1 Own and guide the direction of the University’s Staff Experience on behalf of the University Executive.

1.2 Ensure that the University is managing staff issues effectively.

1.3 Oversee how staff contribute to improved organisational performance within the Strategic Plan and Values. 

1.4 Drive ongoing improvements in staff experience building on the strengths of the current offer and through acting as the main approver of policy changes.

2. Remit    

2.1 Monitor staff attitudes and opinions regularly and use outputs as part of the evidence base in determining appropriate action.

2.2 Embed issues of equality, diversity and inclusion in all areas of work through links with the University EDI committee.

2.3 Monitor the University’s key performance indicators with regard to its agreed strategic staff objectives. 

2.4 Oversee the effective management of the key risks the University is seeking to manage in the context of realising its staff strategy.

2.5 Ensure appropriate alignment with the Student Experience strategy and seek common approaches to shared people issues where appropriate. 

2.6 Communicate existing and new benefits to staff and candidates reinforcing the University as an excellent place to work.

2.7 Prioritise plans to enhance staff experience against transparent objectives and review progress on targets and outcomes.

2.8 Encourage innovation with respect to the University’s staff strategy and policies based on evidence, agreed benchmarks and good practice externally and internally, which are relevant to the University’s success.

3. Governance and Operation

3.1 The Committee will act with authority, as delegated by the University Executive, in fulfilment of its purpose and remit. 

3.2 The Committee will report direct to the University Executive as necessary, but at least six times annually. It will also contribute a forward-looking update twice yearly to PRC to allow for oversight of the alignment of staff plans with other elements of the University’s strategic plan.#

3.3 The Committee will receive regular reports on the development and progress of the staff experience as well as a suite of operational people reports and may commission studies, task-forces and reports as it deems necessary.

3.4 Colleagues are asked to make best efforts to attend personally to ensure momentum is maintained, and to suggest one named deputy to cover any unavoidable absences.