Curators of Patronage

The 1858 Act also makes provision for the Curators of Patronage, whose powers are now very largely formal.

By that Act, the patronage of seventeen Chairs, previously in the gift of the Town Council, was transferred to seven Curators of Patronage.

In accordance with Edinburgh Ordinance No 173, four of the Curators of Patronage shall be nominated by the University Court and three by The City of Edinburgh Council. (The Act stipulated that four would be nominated by the Town Council and the remaining three by the University Court).

The Curators also have the right of nomination to the office of Principal and now have the patronage of sixteen Chairs and a share in the patronage of the Chairs of Agriculture and Rural Economy, Civil Law, Constitutional Law, Humanity, Scots Law, and the George Watson and Daniel Stewart's Chair of Political Economy.

The Curators of Patronage normally hold office for three years and may be reappointed.

University Court Appointments

  • Senior Lay Member Janet Legrand
  • Vice-Principal Professor Sarah Prescott
  • Vice-Principal Professor David Argyle
  • Vice-Principal Professor Iain Gordon

City of Edinburgh Council Appointments

  • Lord Provost Robert Aldridge 
  • Councillor Joan Griffiths
  • Councillor Amy McNeese-Mechan

Patronage of Chairs