University Ordinances

Information on the extant and draft Ordinances.

The University of Edinburgh has no “Charter” in the sense of an instrument from the Privy Council laying down its constitution. The University’s governance and structure depend on Acts of Parliament, supplemented by Ordinances approved by the Privy Council and, since 1966 to a greater extent, by Resolutions of the University’s governing body, the University Court.

Ordinances of the University of Edinburgh

The University (Scotland) Act 1966 sets out the regulations by which the University Court has powers to make new Ordinances or amend existing Ordinances. Draft Ordinances are first considered by Court and thereafter the comments and observations of the Senatus Academicus, the General Council and any other body or person having an interest or concern are sought throughout a period of eight weeks. The months of August and September are not counted when computing the period of eight weeks. Notices are publicly displayed and copies of draft Ordinances are available from Registry or by contacting Dr Lewis Allan, Head of Court Services.

Notices and Draft Ordinances of the University of Edinburgh

The Court of the University will then consider any comments received at a meeting after the eight week period has expired. The University will then seek approval of the final version of the Ordinance from the Privy Council.