Terms of Reference

The approved Terms of Reference of the Risk Management Committee.

1 Purpose

To support and advise the Audit and Risk Committee and through it Court, on the implementation and monitoring of the risk management policy.

2 Composition

2.1 The Committee shall be comprised as follows:

Ex officio:

  • Director of Corporate Services (Convener)
  • The University Secretary or in her absence the Deputy Secretary, Student Experience
  • The Director of Finance
  • Assistant Principal Academic Standards & Quality Assurance
  • The Director of Place
  • The Director of Strategic Planning and Insight

Non-ex officio

  • A senior officer nominated from each of the three Colleges (Arts, Humanities and Social Science, Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, and Science and Engineering)
  • A senior officer nominated by Information Services Group
  • A minimum of one academic representative 
  • Representative of the Health and Safety Department
  • Representative of the Legal Services Department

2.2 The members and Convener of this Committee shall be appointed by Court through the Convener of RMC and the University Secretary recommending appointments to the Nominations Committee.

2.3 All non-ex officio members to have a period of appointment of 3 years, renewable.

2.4 All members of the Risk Management Committee are expected to comply with the University’s Code of Conduct as set out in the University’s Handbook. They are also expected to declare any interests which may conflict with their responsibilities as members of the Risk Management Committee prior to the discussion of the relevant agenda item, and maybe required to leave the room for the duration of the agenda item.

3 Meetings

3.1 The Committee will meet as required to fulfil its remit and will meet at least three times in each academic session. Meetings may be held in person or virtually by the means of videoconference, teleconference or other means. With the prior approval of the Convener of the Committee urgent matters may be considered through correspondence.

3.2 Minutes, agendas and papers will normally be circulated to members of the Committee at least five days in advance of the meeting. Late papers may be circulated up to two days before the meeting. Only in the case of extreme urgency and with the agreement of the Convener will papers be tabled at meetings of the Committee.

3.3 Papers will indicate the originator/s and purpose of the paper, the matter/s which the Committee is being asked to consider and any action/s required and confirm the status of the paper in respect of freedom of information legislation.

3.4 Four members of the Committee shall be a quorum one of whom shall be appointed Convener by the majority of members present for the duration of the meeting should the Convener of the Risk Management Committee not be present.

3.5 A formal minute will be kept of proceedings and submitted for approval at the next meeting of the Committee. The draft minute will be agreed with the Convener of the Committee and in the case of the absence of the Convener at a meeting the Committee member appointed to act as Convener for the duration of that specific meeting.

3.6 The Committee may also function between meetings through correspondence and any decision/s taken formally ratified at the next meeting of the Committee.

4 Remit

4.1 To ensure that the identification and evaluation of key risks that threaten achievement of the University’s objectives is carried out, and that a register of these risks is maintained.

4.2 To identify the strategy in place to manage risks, including identification of appropriate risk owners, and monitoring the satisfactory operation of the management strategy.

4.3 To be satisfied that other risks are being actively managed, with the appropriate strategies in place and working effectively.

4.4 To contribute to raising awareness of risk management generally across the University and to maintaining the profile of risk management.

4.5 To address such other matters related to risk management as may arise from time to time.

5 Other

5.1 The Committee will from time to time undertake a review of its own performance and effectiveness as part of the overall review of the effectiveness of Court and its Committees and report thereon to Court.

5.2 In order to fulfil its remit the Committee may obtain external professional advice as necessary.

5.3 An annual report setting out the activities of the Committee and including a statement on the adequacy of the University’s management of risk will be prepared in accordance with the annual financial accounting timetable and submitted for consideration to the Central Management Group and thereafter to the Audit and Risk Committee before being submitted to Court as part of the assurance provision in respect of the annual accounts.

5.4 Matters of importance arising at meetings of the Committee during the year will be reported to the Audit and Risk Committee at their next meeting.

5.5 Membership of the Committee will be published on the University’s website.


Approved 9 December 2013

Amended 12 May 2014 to reflect revised Committee structure terminology

Amended 15 October 2015 to remove lay Court member from the membership and update a job title - approved by ARC 19 November 2015.

Amended 10 September 2020