Professional Services Staff Member

Result of the election of a Professional Services Staff Member on the University Court

Professional Services Staff Member Election 2024

An election for the role of Professional Services Staff Member to serve on the University’s governing body, the University Court, was held between 2 and 8 May 2024.


Of the fifteen candidates who stood for election, Sarah McAllister had the highest number of votes and was therefore elected to serve for a period of four years.

University Court

The University Court is responsible for approving the mission and strategic vision of the University and its major priorities, safeguarding the University’s reputation and values, and taking the final decision on matters of fundamental concern to the University. 

More information regarding the University Court is available at the following link:

Sarah will also become an ex officio member of Senate for the duration of her term of office on the University Court, in line with recent changes to the membership of Senate.