Professional Services Staff Member

Election of a Professional Services Staff Member on the University Court

Professional Services Staff Member Election 2024

An election for the role of Professional Services Staff Member to serve on the University’s governing body, the University Court, is to be held between 2 and 8 May 2024.


The candidates standing for election are listed below.  These are shown in alphabetical order but will appear in randomised order on the online ballot paper.

A collated document with all the personal statements is also available - Personal Statements

University Court

The University Court is responsible for approving the mission and strategic vision of the University and its major priorities, safeguarding the University’s reputation and values, and taking the final decision on matters of fundamental concern to the University. 

More information regarding the University Court is available at the following link:

Please note that the successful candidate will also become an ex officio member of Senate for the duration of their term of office on the University Court in order to help maintain links between the Court and the Senate. 


Rona Smith, Deputy Secretary Governance & Strategic Planning, shall be the Returning Officer and Dan Wedgwood, Head of Court Services shall be Deputy Returning Officer. 

The Electoral Roll shall consist of all those employees as defined above, who are in post at 12 noon on Thursday 29 February 2024.  Staff may check whether their name appears on the electoral roll by contacting the Deputy Returning Officer during normal working hours by email:


The election shall be conducted by means of the alternative vote. This voting system is used to elect one representative to one position and each voter has one transferable vote.  For further information about the Alternative Voting System, please follow the link to the Electoral Reform Society website below:

Voting shall be conducted online. All those on the electoral roll for the Professional Services Staff Member Election, shall receive an email from Civica Election Services (CES) with a link to vote on the on-line voting system from 9.00 am on 2 May 2024 until 12 noon on 8 May 2024.

Declaration of Result 

The Deputy Returning Officer shall ensure that a notice of the result of the election is posted on the University’s website and on Staff News and noticeboards as soon as is practicable after the result has been declared.

Contact Details

If you have queries regarding any aspect of the election, please contact the Deputy Returning Officer 

Dan Wedgwood


Key Documents

Information for candidates (105.08 KB / PDF)
Nomination Form 2024 (61.25 KB / DOCX)
Personal Statement (61.32 KB / DOCX)
Election Regulations (143.18 KB / PDF)
Timetable of key dates (88.26 KB / PDF)