Former Plan (2012-2016)

The University's former strategic plan, which covered the period from academic year 2012-13 until the end of academic year 2015-16.

University strategies and plans

As with any large organisation, planning operates at different levels across the University and is an iterative top-down/bottom-up process. A number of strategies and plans are in place which are complementary to, and underpin, the University's overall Strategic Plan. These include longer-term strategies which cut across the University’s organisational hierarchy - for example, the University's Estates Strategy - and annual plans developed and implemented by Colleges and Support Groups.

Key to delivery of the University's Strategic Plan is ensuring its alignment with these underpinning strategies and plans and hence, over time, the infiltration of the Plan’s overall objectives throughout the University to inform day-to-day decision-making.

The annual and longer-term plans translate the content of the current Strategic Plan into more immediate strategies and targets. In this way, each part of the University can demonstrate its contribution to the achievement of the medium-term objectives and targets set out in the Strategic Plan.


The University of Edinburgh's Strategic Plan 2012-16 is publicly available in various electronic formats.


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Progress against the University's Strategic Plan is reported annually. Our aim is to ensure that implementation of the plan is achieved through a cyclical accountability process comprising review, evaluation, reporting and, where necessary, re-planning. See ‘Monitoring and reporting’ for more information.